Dorset Drain Flow Services

Blocked Drains

A blocked drain may be caused by a number of reasons, and we can offer services such as drain rodding to remove small blockages in your drainage system, to high pressure jetting.
Our high pressured jetting machinery will clear and clean both domestic and commercial pipes that have more stubborn blockages and these tools will tackle blocked piping caused by fat/grease/roots and other general build up.

Internal Waste

We are able to tackle all problems with internal waste pipes, and use specialised mechanical boring machinery which will clear showers, sinks, washing machine waste and also toilets.

Mobile CCTV equipment

We can provide CCTV equipment to investigate any unforeseen problems that can arise within piping and also use the equipment to view and record difficult areas within pipes and drains. We show step by step reports with understandable information on a number of pipelines, and can also provide images and footage where necessary.

Root Cutting

Mechanically specialised tools will clear most roots.
Roots will appear in piping due to cracks, fractures or open joints.

Gutter Clearance

We clear & clean gutters with our Gutter-Vac system using connectable vacuum poles, all available to use to a reach of 30ft without the use of ladders.
It is a much quicker and safer way to clean your gutters.

DDF can also assist with any repair issues you may have with your guttering.
Please call our team for more information.

Grafitti Cleaning/Removal

High pressure washing will be carried out with water, but for the stubborn graffiti, sandblasting or chemicals may be required. On painted walls which has graffiti on there is a possibility that some of the paint will come off but this will be repainted on completion to match existing. Before and after photo's provided.


Moss/Sludge And Debris Removal

The high pressure machine is used which enables the clearance of moss/sludge/debris from pathways, walls etc. Environmental friendly chemicals are used on the stubborn areas but generally the pressure jetting will clear it without.

Bin Chute Clearances

I use extendable rods to clear any blockages within the chutes and fully sanitise the affected areas on completion using the jetting machine.
We also maintain the bins chutes using high pressure jetting hose on a winch to clean all levels.

Man with a Van

I have now invested in another van and can offer property and garden clearances/cleaning including Hygiene Cleaning.